Originally posted on APRIL 15, 2011

The Ontario Dental Association (ODA) has choosen three themes this month to help educate the public about dental health. These are; chidren, elderly patients, and oral cancer. As we pride ourseleves on being well versed on how to achieve optimum oral health for all patients, here are just a few simple ideas you can use to improve your, and your family’s oral well being. For your children’s school lunches, pack crunchy vegetables (carrots) and fruit (apples) or a piece of cheese. If children eat these after their lunch they act as nature’s natural tooth brush. Also, ask them to rinse out their mouth with water after they have eaten, as this will also help prevent cavities. Actually, patients of all ages can benifit from this simple tip.

A lot of our elderly patients are taking multiple perscriped medication. One common side effect of many drugs is ‘dry mouth’ (xero stomia). This leads to increased amount of bacteria in the mouth, may cause gum disease as well as cavities. Patients with dry mouth should try to drink more water. Seems like a simple idea, but this can make quite a difference in oral health.

Oral cancer affects patients of all ages – 25% of persons diagnosed with oral cancer are considered low risk. Three people per day, in Canada die from oral cancer. Oral cancer is diagnosed three times more often than cervical cancer. The oral cancer screening exams we perform are simple and fast for our patients, and can be life saving. Next time you visit our office, ask us about oral cancer screening. We would be happy to talk about this.

Next time you visit ask us about any other tips to keep you and your smile healthy for a life time.