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Over the past few years new research, combined with new technologies have lead to an increasing awareness of what information can be determined through oral health.

One of the latest findings is in saliva,and how it may relate to heart disease. Reasearch from the Institute of Health and Biomedical Inovation (IHBI) have discovered a possible link from a simple saliva test, and a protien called Galectin - 3, found in saliva, that may be an indicator of future heart disease. Studies will be conducted with the Royal Women's Brisbane Hospital in Australia in the near future

It goes without saying the enormous impact heart disease has on the individual, their familes and the health care system.  And, if a simple saliva test can give us the early warnings to take necessary actions, this would have sigificant benifits for all stakeholders.  Of course this is not yet available to Dentists and Hygienists, but rather an indication of where trends are heading.

This is just the latest to validate regular oral health care, and continued care from your dental providers.

Should you have any questions about any trends you may hear about, or to dispell any rumours about any oral health questions, please, simple ask your dental team.

The Southend Dental Team