Originally posted on DECEMBER 5, 2013

Some of our Dental Team members have come across an interesting website that we have attached for your interest. This website is linked to the AAOSH or the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health. It is a series of topics that relate to issues many patients may have, or have heard about.

Once you have found a topic that interests you, click on the “Start Assessment”, answer a few questions and see the results.

We really must stress that this is for interest only, and has no definitive test results. Instead, it is to create interest, that you may discuss these topics with your Dental Team.

One of the many items that Southend Dental prides itself on is the attention to many of these topics. Please, if you have any concerns, simply bring them forward at your next appointment, or feel free to call the office at any time.

Some of the assessments linked to this website relate to the following ideas:


This relates to how general well being and oral health can impact your overall health. It has interesting findings relating to gum disease and even sleep apnea


This relates to the link between dental decay, and how those regular dental appointments can aid in your overall health.


This relates to how a headaches, or jaw discomfort can impact your overall health.


This relates to the risk of oral cancer, and early detection.

Again, this is for interest only and is to promote awareness and discussion with your Dental Team member.

Dr. Bader and Staff

Click here: http://www.aaosh.org/public_resources/risk-assessment-calculators.php