Originally posted on OCTOBER 4, 2011

Happy fall,

As we move well into fall and winter kids begin to play sports and other activities. As we have stressed in the past, the need for a mouth guard is paramount! We see it all too often where older kids have lost permanent teeth due to a sporting injury that could easily have been prevented. And, it is usually the front tooth. The procedure to regain that smile can often be lengthy, involving root canals, crowns, implants and other procedures. These mouth guards can be made right in our office, often with same day results, thus preventing very involved procedures.

Healthy snacks,

We know some of these suggestions may not all be “school friendly”, but while at home, and in some cases school, here are a few healthy ideas.

Popcorn, nuts, peanuts, plain yogurt, cheese, whole grains, cereals, fruits, and any vegetables.

Believe it or not saliva helps clean your teeth! Saliva will help remove any acid from your teeth, thus making them cleaner when you do brush. A common thought is to brush your teeth right away to prevent that bad breath that we may feel we have after eating. What can actually happen is, if there is any acid left on your teeth, brushing will in fact, (with the aid of the acid) remove some of your teeth’s protective surface. Wait an hour so our mouth’s natural process can help clean our teeth.

When it comes to sweets (and we all love these) be sure not to keep that treat in your mouth too long, thus leaving your teeth exposed to the sugars from the candy. Don’t eat a lot of sweet things, but if you do eat sweets, eat them at meal time or with healthy snacks. This way we can dilute the sugars with the aid of other foods to help keep our teeth healthy.

So this fall we recommend;

1. A mouth guard for anyone playing any activity. Both grown ups and kids alike.

2. Plan for healthy snacks such as fruits veggies, nuts, and whole grains.

3. Give your body time to “clean” your teeth before we quickly brush our teeth.

4. And do not “treasure” that great flavour of a sweet by leaving it our mouths too long.

Feel free to inquire about any questions you may have with any of our Dental Team.

Happy healthy smiles from our Dental Team.