Originally posted on MAY 19, 2010

Kid’s Mouth Guards

Summer is right around the corner! School’s not even out yet, but kids are already getting outside to play and make the most of these warm summer months.

If you’re a parent, you’re probably anxiously monitoring all the activities of your youngster as they indulge in all sorts of fun, summer activities. Cuts and scrapes are almost status quo for kids, but are you sure you’re doing everything possible to protect your kids from incurring much more serious injuries?

From bike helmets, baseball helmets, shin guards, and knee pads – you’re child is still missing out if he our she isn’t protecting a vulnerable part of the body – the mouth and teeth.

Many people would be surprised to learn that a simple elbow to the jaw can cause serious injury to the teeth and jaw, resulting in dislocation, soreness, and even missing teeth.

Interestingly enough, many facial sports injuries can be prevented simply by wearing a mouth guard, which “cushions” the teeth from harmful impact and protects from potentially serious facial injury.

At Guelph Southend Dental, we offer kids’ mouth guards to protect your childs’ teeth as they engage in sports such as football, soccer, basketball, hockey, wrestling, cheerleading, etc.

ProForm Mouth Guards, offered at Guelph Southend Dental, were designed by dental and sports professionals, and offer the highest level of protection and comfort while you play.

ProForm Mouth Guards are advantageous because they are thin, comfortable, and don’t interfere with speech or breathing during play. Best of all, they offer superior protection due to an integrated palatal brace which protects the highly susceptible front teeth and dissipates impact throughout the teeth and mouth.

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